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                                        2. ABOUT US


                                          A, the brand image: delicate, perfect, luxury, fashion 

                                          As a high-grade ceramic brand, delicate, perfect, luxurious and fashionable brand image, completely in line with the characteristics of our system's three big products. At the same time, for every consumer to bring good lenovo, thus greatly enhance the brand added value. 


                                          Second, the brand system: 

                                          1. Branding: develop high-end brand core value 

                                          From the beginning of the brand creation, we have many advantages beyond reproduction is the sole day. That is, based on a high starting point. Based on the starting point of the superior. And witnessed the high-end brands in all walks of life take months of remarkable achievements, we aspire to own sublimation for big brands. In the broad lines of business, we will rely on its own outstanding advantages, in JianTaoYe yong accounted for a seat in the highlands, then the standings. 


                                          2. The product system: from the perfect impression of high-end brands 

                                          Throughout the world's top brands. Bi have their own unique personality. Because has the unique nature. So can evoke the maximum persistent thirst. Therefore, the strong ceramic with great concentration to collect a variety of unique elements, and then the touch people's three big system products. Let the strong brick series of products, to become a the cult of the overflowing all kinds of beautiful stone, eventually attract all consumers. 


                                          3. Style positioning: as a perfect posture high-end brands 

                                          Only strives for perfection, is the essence of high-end brands. Only perfect. Is the attractive image of the high-end brands. Since the strong ceramic positioning to rival the perfect attitude of high-end brands, nature will show the matching feature and remarkable quality and value 



                                          Third, highlight the brand 

                                          Will finish "to create the life" of all aspects of the theme throughout the entire brand, comes in line with the characteristics of the ceramic products, and can lead to consumers for a better life and the beauty of lenovo. In this era of rapid economic growth, at the right moment and consumers growing pursuit high-grade coincides with mine. 


                                          Fourth, brand positioning 

                                          1, the crowd positioning: pursue happy, pay attention to taste. 

                                          2, market positioning, leading from the mid-market, scale combined with individuation. 

                                          Foshan Shiqiang ceramic tile Co. Ltd. copyright   Technology: ZHUNDU.NET